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Did I Really Do This?!

As I sit here this evening and think about starting a blog for my business page I can hardly even believe that I am here doing what I am doing. A year ago would I have ever imagined that I would be running my own med spa?? Heck no! And wait.... legally I am not supposed to call it a med spa since I am not a medical doctor. I am, however, a full practice Nurse Practitioner, which means I can be my own medical director and CEO and practice independently, but there is some crazy rule in Illinois I guess that it can not be called a medical spa. The Confidence Studio Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Clinic? Confidence Studio Clinic? Confidence Studio Wellness Center? Just Confidence Studio? For now it's just Confidence Studio and as long as I can get enough info out there to the world about what I offer here I am happy with that.

For the last couple years my co-workers have joked and maybe not so jokingly told me that I needed to go get certified in Botox so I could start injecting all of them. For the same last couple years I always had excuses....time, money, etc. Then one day earlier this year I thought "why not?!" I decided I was going to get certified in injectables and start a little business from my basement doing botox. I emptied out a small room, cleaned it up, decorated it, ordered all of the necessary equipment and after all was said and done decided "nope," I wanted to go bigger. Go big or go home right? Plus, it seemed a little weird inviting people into my basement for aesthetic treatments.

I started my hunt for a small commercial space to lease and within a pretty short amount of time, found the place that is now the Confidence Studio. I still work full time as a Family Nurse Practitioner, well almost full time, and have been busting by butt to get my business off the ground. Having had amazing personal success with semaglutide for weight loss, I decided to add that to my list of services as well. I have so many future plans for the studio and future plans to grow personally and professionally. Hormone therapy, IV therapy, online courses, in person courses..... my dreams are big. I remember telling my hair stylist/friend just a little over 6 months ago that this was all a pipe dream, but here I am and here it is and the dream has become a reality.

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Loved this blog...I'm thankful for meeting you a few months ago at your beautiful new studio and would recommend anyone to make an appointment with you. So many things to learn from you...I'll be calling soon to reorder and get some additional skin care items you provided samples for. Thank you again...

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